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The average job seeker is frustrated with the lack of results they are getting through the traditional job hunting process of applying and waiting for opportunities to come to them.

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Identify Security is a niche IT recruiting firm that was created to improve the efficiency of applying highly talented IT professionals to solve technology and security related business challenges.


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Xtra Bandwith‍‍‍ can counteract these business challenges:

Security talent driven market

  • Too many vulnerabilities, not enough skilled talent and can’t keep the skilled talent they have.
  • Impacting how companies innovate more efficient defenses against attacks.
  • “Talent Crunch” is hurting how fast our company can become compliant.
  • Middle market security talent drain, causing Security managers remediating based on talent they “have” vs “Fixing” most critical.
  • I need an A player but I don’t have enough wo‍‍‍rk to keep that A player full time.
  • Companies are concerned about poaching and confidentiality.

Know with certainty you are going to get the same SME again.

  • Loss of time, continuity and loss of existing relationships every time you are using a large or boutique consulting company.
  • I need a brain surgeon but can’t afford to do brain surgery every day. I get rookies from firms that I have to pay for and end up teaching them.

We grew to an appropriate size and now need to increase the skills of new and existing staff.

  • The distinction of Xtra Bandwith: Provides long term project stability, by providing the same face and even though that face might not be here all the time. But it’s the same face… And he/she does not have to learn our project over and over again…
  • Xtra Bandwith provides us an ongoing resource, which can step in a short period of time and see through the fog and grasp the current state and carry forward the vision for the future.
  • Xtra Bandwith helps refresh my extended green projects by keeping up with reality of all of the changes within tools and technologies.
  • It’s not a full time job, but long term commitment… Someone who can get to know us and as new demands come along help us to ensure our vision is up-to-date, keep up with changes in the tech landscape. Ultimately have the SME help to integrate into our landscape.

Value of Xtra Bandwith

How do you know if Xtra Bandwith is right for your company?

  • You have aggressive security and compliance goals

  • You have relevant security projects within building, breaking and defending
  • You worry about solving your critical vulnerabilities with the resources you have now available to you
  • You are struggling to find and/or keep specialized security skills

Xtra Bandwith Success Factors

For Xtra Bandwith to be successful we recommend that you look at these key factors:

  • Location: ‍‍‍Participating companies should be in the same state and/or region and in non-competitive industries – commutable
  • Team Structure: Company builds team efforts around a consultant that can add guidance and horsepower to keep the project running efficiently even when off-site.
  • Resource Scheduling: Set a schedule that allows your team to stay in a consistent rhythm. Set the days and hours so it is consistent and allows for chemistry to form.
  • Hours Expectation: Set expectation around the hours the consultant will work between the partner companies. Is it a 50/50 split. Or other? This a tailored solution to all.
  • Communication: Set project goals and timeline, Define team structure, how they will communicate and the expectation of reply time for when consultant is off-site.

Xtra Band‍‍‍with

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