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Identify Security‍‍‍ i‍‍‍s a niche IT recruiting firm that was created to improve the efficiency of applying highly talented IT professionals to solve technology and security related business challenges.


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In today’s security economy, we understand that there is an imbalance of talent. We also know that high level talent is often sold on a vision that cannot be delivered.

Daily, we help discerning security talent who have many opportunities to choose from, to find projects that align with their passions for solving security challenges.

Whether you are a candidate or freelancer who has extra bandwidth you would to monetize or looking for their next direct opportunity to achieve their technical or professional career goals. We can help you save time by identifying those opportunities closest to your goals that maximize your security relevance and/or earning potential.

We have the largest pool of talented IT security professionals… care to join?

Our network of consultants are confident, smart and dedicated drivers that thrive on solving security and business challenges. They remedy critical vulnerabilities, create processes and prioritize need.



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There are too many opportunities out there for you to be feeling complacent and unchallenged at your current role.

Why work with us?

We understand your need to be challenged and valued and can offer you Contract-to-Direct opportunities so you can find your right fit. We will be with you the entire way. 

Never thought about Contract-to-Direct?

Here’s why it works:

  • More Money
  • Less Risk (Try before you buy)
  • We have your back – can get you out professionally

We offer a full concierge service which includes: PTO, Holiday pay and a Practice Manager as a neutral party liaison with the client. 

Our Security talent receives these benefits:

  • Healthcare & Dental Insurance
  • PTO and Holiday Pay - up to 16 days per year
  • 401k
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