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‍‍‍‍‍‍Identify Security‍‍‍ is a niche IT recruiting firm that was created to improve the efficiency of applying highly talented IT professionals to solve technology and security related business challenges.


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I’ve been in retail management for over 10 years, where I discovered my passion for people and team building. Finding the right person for any business, team and/or role can be challenging, however the most rewarding. At Identify Security, I’m continuously enabled to find clients’ needs and meld them with consultants’ aspirations!

  • Graduated from UW Platteville majoring in Business and Computer Science
  • Enjoys fishing and the outdoors with his wife Emily and dog Digby
  • Has a large extended German family that harmonizes the song “Ein Prosit”
  • Is obsessed with Q-tips (obsessed is an understatement)
  • Strongly believes cucumbers are the most underrated vegetable of all time.

I’m an experienced technology adviser, trusted mentor and respected colleague with a history of working in the application and information technology space for over 18 years. During that span, I have successfully sold facility management software, managed a company’s network, and secured fortune 500 phone systems.  In addition, I have sold consulting services in cybersecurity and providing recruitment services for a variety of business.  I hold a Bachelor degree from the University of Texas, San Antonio.

  • Into paintball, badminton and video games
  • Happily married to my wife Maria and have one son, Brandon‍‍‍
  • I won a kids baby pageant in the 70’s
  • I was in a breakdancing group in the 80’s called IBM (International Break Masters)
  • I’m a certified teacher for the State of Texas‍‍‍

I’ve been in the consulting business forever and love everything about it. I love helping people, building teams and finding a solution where everyone wins. Starting Identify Security‍‍‍ has been a long time coming and wouldn’t have happened without taking the road less traveled.

  • Married to my wife Kathy and have 2 kids Ari and Eli
  • Loves to pay it forward by helping people to discover their market value. It’s truly a blessing
  • 15 years helping Veterans & soldiers to transition into their next career or Startup Company
  • Passionate for helping early stage startups within Security, IoT, Web, Mobile
  • 8 years of security industry experience
  • 23 years of niche staffing & social engineering experience
Meet the team
Joel Abraham Identify Recruiting
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Joel Abraham

VP / Co-Founder

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Richard Patterson

Director of Security Sales

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Mitch Hofstetter

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Meet Th‍‍‍e Team⁠⁠

Alex Lang

Security Resource Manager

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I have always been involved with technology to some extent. I started out in Graphic Design and then moved to Web Design. Shortly after I started consulting through an IT Staffing Company. I ditched the design world and tried my hand at recruiting and loved it. After a couple years I switched gears to focus on security with Identify Security, to which I have found my new home.

  • I play guitar and used to play in a couple bands
  • I finished second place at Wisconsin’s State Fair Karaoke Competition. My song, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
  • My favorite movie. Home Alone
  • I know a lot about Rocks, Minerals, Fantasy Sports, and Harry Potter.

Senior Security Resource Manager‍‍‍