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Identify Security is a niche IT recruiting firm that was created to improve the efficiency of applying highly talented IT professionals to solve technology and security related business challenges.


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Penetration Testing On Demand.‍‍‍

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*Our Talent Uses Psuedonyms For Their Anonymity
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Both the challenges of IT Security for companies in the modern age and the demand for skilled IT Security talent have reached an all time high, that’s why we’ve created the Xtra-Bandwith program.

We’ve built up a base of talented IT Security professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries to create the top penetration testing resource for businesses. Despite the Security challenge, the Xtra-Bandwith talent base is able to provide solutions for exactly what you’re looking for in record time.

All our consultants undergo a rigorous approval process involving interviews, ski‍‍‍lls checks, reference checks, and background checks to ensure they’re eligible and capable of getting the work you need done.

Still not convinced? L‍‍‍et us show you first-hand how Xtra-Bandwith talent can work for you.

  • On-Demand, Passionate PEN Testers Ready to Go
  • Proper Background Check and Vetting
  • Prior Screening Interviews and Reference Checks
  • Eliminate In-House Group Think and Distractions
  • Predictable Speed and Cost F‍‍‍or Every Project

‍‍‍Application Security M‍‍‍anager

Xtra-Bandwith was perfect for us. Following the engagement we're restructuring our dev. and IT ‍‍‍teams. Once that's completed, we'll definitely be back.

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