Senior Application Security Engineer

We are seeking an accomplished software builder and breaker to bridge gaps between software development and information security. Traditionally, information security is siloed from development and reports are sent through emails. Our client, a Fortune 150 company, wants to work at a faster, more efficient pace. DevOps... but for security. We are seeking someone to help create and own new APIs and services, allowing security and software development tools to interact through automation.

Required Experience:


+ Years
Job Locations:

Brooklyn Park, MN

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Basic Qualifications and

Build application security products for one of the nation’s largest retailer! As a Product Security Team Member, you will have the opportunity to take application security solutions from concept to release with continuous delivery. Our Agile development team, creates new security products, contributes back to the Open Source Community, and enables stakeholders across Target to deliver secure software.


  • Leveraging DevOps tools and methodologies to increase the speed and quality of security tools.
  • Interacting with and expanding the capabilities of enterprise-grade security tools.
  • Communicating security issues with developers and leadership
  • Mentor and collaborate with other team members in a social coding environment.
  • Create unique dynamic (DAST) and static (SAST) solutions that enables teams to release secure software.

Required Skills and Experience
  • Experience with one or more of the following Languages, Java, Python, Ruby and .NET.
  • Relevant experience with one or more of the following frameworks, Django, Rails, Spring Boot, Spring
  • Knowledge or experience with Docker, Chef, Terraform, OpenStack, Git, Drone, StackStorm, Jenkins, etc.

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